Dreikanal Scannen


We bring light into the Tunnel

Using the latest non-contacting measurement methods, SPACETEC carries out surveys and takes measurements of tunnel constructions. SPACETEC then collates the data and delivers these to the customer together with convenient software tools for administration and analysis.

The tunnel data obtained in the survey are used for various purposes and applications:

1. Documenting the actual state and condition found during acceptance and before expiry of the warranty period


Stocktaking before reconstruction or refurbishment work

3. Checking the structure gauge (clearance) of railway tunnels, e.g. before electrification, the use of new wagons, or before transporting goods with excess dimensions


Checking the clear headroom in road tunnels

5. Regular inspections for the early identification of damaged sections and for planning repairs

Our services:

1. Scanner recordings of road and railway tunnels using our TS3 und TS2 systems

2. Geodetic surveying: Geo referencing of scanner data and track surveys

3. Special customised solutions, e.g. scanning canals and pipelines.

4. Analyse and evaluation of the recorded scans

Your results:

We supply you with the fully edited image, profile and thermal data. Using our software, you then have a wide variety of different options for your own evaluation and further analysis.

If requested, we also carry out the data analysis for you. This service includes interpreting the thermographic recordings, charting cracks and fissures or reviewing the structure gauge conditions.

Whatever your needs, we have the experts to satisfy your investigation and examination requirements. You will receive test reports, AutoCad files, as-built drawings and any other documents you may want.

In many instances, the analysis software needs to be adapted to match specific customer needs and requirements. This is also no problem because we develop the software ourselves.


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