Over 2,500 tunnels in 20 years

Since we completed our first tunnel scanner in 1990, we have operated in over 27 countries and for many customers. We have meanwhile scanned over 2,500 tunnels with a total length of almost 2,300 km. As many of these tunnels have been scanned several times over the years, the total recording distance we mark up is over 3,600 km.

Tunnels scanned: 2,565

Total length: approx. 2,318km

Our customers include many renowned and well-known railway, underground and motorway operators, engineering bureaus and public authorities.

The tunnels we have surveyed include such well-known Alpine constructions as the Gotthard, Simplon, Arlberg and Montblanc tunnels, the Berlin city railway tunnel, underground networks in many cities of the world, for instance in Barcelona, Hong Kong and Brussels.

For a selection of our reference objects, click here.

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