Innovation based on experience

Our product development has always been closely linked with our service business. Our development engineers work across the lines in both fields and translate their experiences into product development. This creates practical products designed for harsh everyday use. Problems found in the application are directly addressed and implemented in advance developments and product improvements.

Our product line-up includes the entire range of components required for the production, handling and analysis of scanner recordings for tunnel inspections. These include the actual recording units together with the necessary peripherals, the equipment for hardware and software to work with the measured data, as well as training, support and consulting services.

The "flagship" of our product line-up is the three-channel TS3, a high performance unit which shows its true power and strength where large volumes of information about tunnel lines must be captured within a short space of time.

Its "little brother", the TS2 compact scanner, is designed for railway applications. With its convenient fold-down superstructure mounted on a sturdy and light-weight rail car, it is the right choice wherever flexibility and ease of transport are more important than the measuring speed.

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