SBB opting for SPACETEC Tunnel-Inspector as new tunnel inspection tool

The Swiss Confederate Railways SBB have opted for SPACETEC’s Tunnel Inspector as their new software for tunnel inspections.

The deal was preceded by intensive investigations into how to carry out future inspections at SBB. The entire process has been revised and reorganised. The inspection of tunnels using scanner recordings plays a crucial role in this new concept.

To be able to work with the new concept, SBB looked for a software solution capable of continuing the use of the inspection data obtained over the past years and which is also suitable for using scanner data.

We are pleased and proud that SBB have decided in favour of SPACETEC. Our products and our experiences in tunnel inspection perfectly fit SBB’s new inspection concept.

The Tunnel Inspector software package has been expanded and adapted to SBB’s specific requirements. Many of the new functions will also benefit other users.

Use of the Tunnel Inspector in SBB’s new concept

With the ever increasing frequency of trains in SBB’s rail network, the time windows for visual inspections are becoming tighter and shorter. Ways needed to be found to reduce the time on site and at the same time to improve the inspection results.

In future, inspections will progress in several stages:

On-site inspections, hands-on checks, e.g.  knocking probes
Any damage found at this stage such as cavities is marked with spray paint and is so made visible for the scanner

Tunnel recordings using a tunnel scanner

The markings placed in step 1 can be seen in the scan image.

Views of the scanner recordings
The inspection charting is being updated.

On-site inspection

Monitoring the critical points found after step 3.

Layer system matching SBB’s requirements

The defined layers are superimposed layer by layer for display. The visibility of the information contained in the individual layers can be activated and deactivated. The user may also determine for each layer whether the features contained in it can be selected and edited.

The extended layer model allows the easy selection of elements in two categories:

Development of the structure over time
Building components and charted observations (e.g. damaged sections)

This expanded structure allows the selection and analysis of the charted observations not only in terms of type of damage, but also with respect to the development of the construction over time.

Other customers using the SPACETEC Tunnel Inspector (extract):

DB Netz AG
REFER EPE (Portugal)
VR Track Limited (Finnland)
Various road and transport authorities in Germany

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